The Gyro Company
About Us

We love Greek food — GOOD, AUTHENTIC Greek food — especially gyros. Our Greek Orthodox Church hosts an annual festival and we gorge ourselves there knowing it’s probably the only time each year we can enjoy our favorite foods. It’s not a pretty sight. Us stuffing our faces, that is. Not the festival. The festival is quite gorgeous ... lots of lights ... music ...

But back to the food.

We love Greek food and crave it all year long. And we’re convinced that if more people were introduced to it — and could find it easily whenever they had the urge to “go Greek” — they’d become big fans, too.

And so we created The Gyro Company! — a vibrant, open-all-year-long, “fast casual” restaurant where boring burgers, chicken nuggets and chicken patties are replaced by exciting and tantalizing gyros, baklava and other assorted Greek fare, all authentically prepared from recipes that have been passed down through our family for four generations!

When you eat here, it tastes like “Yia Yia” (Greek for “grandma”) is cooking in the kitchen — case in point, ALL of our mouth-watering sauces are homemade! Our items don’t taste like fast food, they’re not expensive and you get in and out of the restaurant fast. Unless you want to stay, which you are welcomed to do, too. We have comfortable booths. Nice tables. Warm Mediterranean colors and décor. Fun atmosphere. But thankfully no gimmicky clowns or playgrounds or bells by the entrance door for you to ring to recognize good service. We may greet you with a pithy saying like, “We pita the fool who doesn’t try our gyro!” but that’s still up in the air.

Come and enjoy!

The Colitas family